This 'bot' formats Trump's tweets as White House statements

Is Spicer, as Sanders suggested, moving up the chain of command in the White House? You can't exclude people from this kind of forum simply because they criticized you or because they mocked you or because they disagreed with what you had to say .

Blocking access to community health centers would be devastating blow

The study also found the United States also ranked near the top in the income-based disparity between people who went without care because they couldn't afford it, behind the Philippines - with one in every five people in the bottom third of income reporting they skipped medical treatment because of the cost.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is said to have offered to resign

Yet none of Trump's aides has encouraged him to fire Sessions and instead they have urged the president to keep him on the job , according to one of the officials. After the election, Sessions was rewarded with one of the most prominent positions in Trump's new administration, atop the Justice Department. CNN reported thatSessions is frustrated with Trump's tweeting and commentary, particularly after former FBI Director James Comey's firing .

Comey says President Trump was 'looking to get something'

But here we are, and nary a peep. Comey said in his testimony that before firing him, Trump asked if he could "let go" of the probe into former national security adviser Michael Flynn . In short, this is far from over. "It was clear that Comey did not believe those concerns should prompt him to consider resignation as he had considered before in his career", Coffey said.

Alabama to execute man for '94 killing of fast-food workers

Alabama to execute man for '94 killing of fast-food workers

State prosecutors said he and a former employee robbed the restaurant in Gadsden, about 60 miles northeast of Birmingham. "What does he think those three people suffered after he shot them, leaving them in a freezer?" the statement said. The execution was the state's second of the year. At a press conference following the execution, Commissioner Jeff Dunn read a prepared statement from the Collins family.

Missouri governor calls special session on abortion

Missouri governor calls special session on abortion

Our faith community and volunteers do incredible work to support people in need. The Republican governor spoke of pregnancy care centers in Missouri that help pregnant women and new moms with food, clothing, medical care, and financial support.