Woman distracted by phone falls into hole, seriously injured

Woman distracted by phone falls into hole, seriously injured

The video shows a work crew going down to do some work. The woman is seen walking right towards the open gates, somewhat oblivious to what's going on around her. Moments after she fell , fire crews arrived and rescued the woman, puling her out of the basement on a stretcher. A woman was seriously injured when she fell through a New Jersey sidewalk access door while looking at her phone Thursday.

Theresa May's Conservatives poised to lose majority in United Kingdom election

Labour has ruled out forming a coalition, while Tim Farron, Liberal Democrat leader, has also said his party would not repeat its painful experience of coalition government between 2010 and 2015. Political deadlock could derail negotiations with the other 27 European Union countries ahead of Britain's exit from the bloc, due in March 2019, before they even begin in earnest.

United Kingdom exit poll: Conservatives may fall short of majority

It's unclear how Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative party will govern now that it has lost it majority in the House of Commons. Cameron, gambling that Britons wouldn't want to sever their network of ties with the continent, had promised the Brexit referendum during a 2015 election campaign that gave Conservatives a surprise Parliamentary majority.

Comey says he was sacked over Russian Federation probe, blasts 'lies'

If Comey's testimony is accurate and the president indeed attempted to influence the investigation into Flynn - who was sacked after the White House said he had misrepresented the nature of his contact with the Russian ambassador to the United States - some say that may constitute an obstruction of justice .

Arizona State's Ewen sets new college record in the hammer

Arizona State's Ewen sets new college record in the hammer

CT. The best days belonged to Nikki Hiltz and Lexi Weeks . Lexi participated in the Rio Olympics this past summer and Tori took home the SEC indoor title. The 2016 Olympian finished third in the first heat. "Watching him and my experience in the Olympics really helped carry me through these events today".

Britain's hung parliament 'yet another own goal'

The Conservative Party manifesto states calls for a "divisive" independence referendum would disrupt the UK's bid to get the best Brexit deal for both Scotland and the United Kingdom, adding: "We have been very clear that now is not the time for another referendum on independence".