Jeff Sessions to appear before Senate Intelligence committee

Jeff Sessions to appear before Senate Intelligence committee

Senators will certainly want to know whether Mr. Sessions was directly involved in the investigation, and what discussions he had with Mr. Trump and others ahead of Mr. Democrats said Sessions needs to resolve conflicting evidence about contacts with Russians and to explain if and why he recommended Comey's firing by Trump, an action that could be a violation of his recusal.

Sessions is appearing before Senate Intel Committee: What could happen?

Sessions is appearing before Senate Intel Committee: What could happen?

The president is said to have been angered that Mr. Sessions recused himself, a move that ultimately has led after Mr. Comey's firing to the appointment of a special counsel to conduct the investigation. What was your involvement in the decision to fire James Comey? Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., and Sessions negotiated details of the hearing directly, according to aides familiar with their talks.

North Korea 'most urgent' threat to security: US Defense Secretary

North Korea is a politically and economically isolated nation whose leaders have long viewed the United States as a military threat, in part because of periodic US military exercises with South Korea. Mattis was addressing lawmakers seeking additional information about Mr Trump's proposed 2018 budget. Sequestration was created to be so injurious to the military that it would force Congress to compromise so its imposition would not be necessary.

@CongPalazzo Votes to End Dodd-Frank

Senate Republicans will likely seek to craft their own companion measure to overhaul the Dodd-Frank regulations. It was authored by House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling , R-Texas, and gives banks a choice between complying with Dodd-Frank or holding onto more capital.

Attorneys general hope to force Trump financial disclosures with Emoluments Clause lawsuit

Maryland and the U.S. capital sued President Donald Trump today, saying he is breaking laws by raking in money from foreign governments and businesses at his luxury hotels and office towers. Frosh said the president has discussed some of his business dealings on the campaign trail, noting Trump's mention that a state-owned Chinese bank has office space in Trump Tower in NY.

Will Trump fire special counsel Robert Mueller?

Mueller's going to find", he said . "One of my sources reached out to me just before we went on air, and they said there's mass hysteria in the West Wing about this". Susan Collins, R-Maine, asked Rosenstein during an open Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing what he would do if Trump asked him to fire Mueller.