Mueller probe now examining possible obstruction

Screengrab of former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey speaking before the Senate Intelligence Committee on June 8. Sessions's recusal came the day after The Post reported the first two meetings, but Sessions said he was already talking with lawyers about whether his Trump campaign work would force him to hand over the Russian Federation investigation to his deputy.

Warriors reportedly will skip visit to Trump's White House

Warriors reportedly will skip visit to Trump's White House

While receiving such a bargain on Curry, the Warriors were able to construct the roster that just won a second National Basketball Association championship in three years. The Warriors won their second championship in three years, but it will be their first victory under President Donald Trump . One Warrior has already publicly stated he won't make the trip if the offer is placed on the table.

US Senate backs legislation to slap new sanctions on Russian Federation

The anti-Iran sanctions come following two sets of sanctions that were rolled out in February and May by the US Treasury Department over Iran's missile program. The bill strips the executive branch of that flexibility. Senators in both parties have cast a wary eye toward Trump and Russian Federation, and the Senate bill was widely seen as an effort to put a check on the White House in case it decides to soften sanctions on Moscow.

Puerto Rico votes in favor of statehood

Puerto Ricans began to head to the polls Sunday morning for their fifth plebiscite asking voters if they want to be a free nation, become the 51st US state or remain a USA territory, amid a debt crisis and growing protests against austerity measures in the island.

Congressional Staffer Zack Barth Thanks Actions Taken by Capitol Police During Shooting

Scalise has required multiple blood transfusions, hospital officials stated. Scalise underwent a third procedure and second surgery for his gunshot wound Thursday. The Congressional Baseball Game Facebook page will also carry a live stream of the game and it will be broadcast on C-SPAN, a spokeswoman for the Congressional Baseball Game said.