Congressman at shooting scene made 'frantic' phone call to his wife

Wednesday morning, as Republican lawmakers were practicing for the game, a lone gunman opened fire, striking Scalise in the hip and hitting a congressional staffer for Rep. The charity game pitting Republican lawmakers against their Democratic colleagues was set to proceed as scheduled at 7:05 Nationals Park, home of the Washington Nationals Major League Baseball team , with thousands of spectators expected in the stands.

Poll shows most doubt Trump's respect for institutions

Poll shows most doubt Trump's respect for institutions

Other than Rasmussen, the highest Trump's approval rating stands elsewhere is 42 percent with The Economist/YouGov. Only 5 percent of self-identified Democrats said he has the temperament for the office, while 68 percent of self-identified Republicans said he does have the proper temperament.

Hundreds protest Sharia law in Houston, nationwide

The marches were planned by ACT for America , the self-described "NRA of national security". About twice as many counter-protesters marshaled across the street. The tensest moment came later in the afternoon when Anti-Sharia law protesters broke the windows of Anti-Trump counter protesters as they attempted to leave.

Trump says Comey not telling truth

Trump says Comey not telling truth

It didn't matter which correspondent he called on. The committee is seeking the materials by June 23. "Go ahead, Jon", he said , gesturing toward Jonathan Karl, of ABC News. I don't think we would actually. It doesn't make sense. "And we're going to hand the gavel to Pelosi in 2018", McSally said, referring to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California.

Gingrich: Somebody probably going to jail over Russian Federation investigation

Conspiracy theorist and loyal Donald Trump supporter Newt Gingrich is now admitting that the Russian Federation scandal will likely result in people in Trump's circle - maybe even Trump himself - going to jail. Scarborough switched to defending Robert Mueller in his next shot at Gingrich, noting that Mueller's record of public service was beyond reproach.

Mueller probe now investigating criminal obstruction by Trump himself

Trump demonstrated Friday morning that the Russian Federation probe continues to consume his attention, tweeting a stream of messages decrying the controversy. president he was not under the FBI investigation in the alleged Russian Federation collusion case and had informed the Senate of that fact. "Telling the FBI director to close down an investigation of your senior campaign adviser for his activities during your campaign for president - if that's true, that is obstruction of justice", ...