Pence calls hiring of counsel 'routine'

Mueller's investigation of the President's conduct is a major watershed in the FBI probe, which over nearly the past year has focused on uncovering Moscow's attempts to meddle in, or influence, the 2016 presidential campaign and whether any of Trump's campaign personnel colluded with Russian officials.

What would happen if Trump tried to fire special counsel Mueller

What would happen if Trump tried to fire special counsel Mueller

He said he would agree to dismiss Mueller only if there were a legitimate basis to do so, and an order from the president would not necessarily qualify. And the President has no shortage of reasons for wanting the special investigation shut down. The White House, however, said Trump and Ruddy have never discussed the issue.

Trump's Policy impact on Cuba

Trump's Policy impact on Cuba

Government. For ordinary Cuban citizens, the announcement from the US President Donald Trump was a shocker. Diplomatic relations, restored only two years ago, are to remain intact. In addition, the United States government is to police other trips to ensure travelers are pursuing a "full-time schedule of educational exchange activities".

Russian Federation inquiry: I'm under investigation

Trump, however, said he would have fired Comey regardless of Rosenstein's recommendations, and he had the Russian Federation investigation on his mind when he made the decision. It was unclear whether the president's comment confirming he was under investigation was based on direct knowledge or media reports that Mueller is examining whether the president obstructed justice by firing Comey.

Russian Federation probe causes tension among top officials at Justice Department

Comey told a Senate panel last week he believed Trump had directed him to drop an agency investigation into Flynn. In a tweet, the president also seemed to accuse the United States deputy attorney general of pursuing a "Witch Hunt". The investigations, however, have cast a shadow over his five-month presidency. Trump may be referring to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein , who in a memo to Trump raised concerns over Comey's performance.

Parents of U.S. student to detail his time in North Korean prison

The father of an American college student released by North Korea and now in a coma in hospital has said his son was "terrorised and brutalised" by his captors. The cause of Warmbier's condition remains uncertain. Mr Warmbier is in stable condition at the UC Medical Centre, where he was taken immediately after his arrival in OH on Tuesday after more than 17 months in North Korean captivity.