Time is Right for Drew Carey to back Gary Johnson

Time is Right for Drew Carey to back Gary Johnson

Pollsters find that many of them are struggling over whether to vote for a third-party candidate, the strongest of whom is Johnson, on the ballot in all the states and Washington, D.C. "You know, pop quizzes on TV are just not Gary's long suit". In most cases, we make things worse, and I pose Syria right now as an example of that.

Gary Johnson Admits He 'Wasn't Meant to Be President'

Gary Johnson Admits He 'Wasn't Meant to Be President'

Citizens of the United States do not directly elect the president or the vice president; instead they elect representatives called "electors", who usually pledge to vote for particular presidential and vice presidential candidates. "The election is close in New Mexico", said Brian Sanderoff, president of Research & Polling Inc., told Michael Coleman of the Journal's Washington bureau.

Chicago Police Department to hire almost 1000 new officers

There will also be promotions for existing officers, with 200 new detectives, 112 new sergeants and 50 new lieutenants, he said. Johnson said that the decision to increase the police force came following discussions with the mayor but said that he had no information on how Chicago planned to pay for the addition of new officers.

Chicago Hires Hundreds of New Police

Whatever the number, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said on "Connected to Chicago" Sunday it's going to take more than additional cops. Asked about possible funding sources for more officers, Poppe reiterated that Emanuel has said the 2017 city budget would not include any property, sales or gas taxes to pay for officers.

New Cops On The Way, But How Many

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel had been reluctant to hire more officers, relying instead on existing officers to work overtime. Officials said the reinforcements will include more than 500 field officers, about a hundred training officers, 200 detectives, more than a hundred sergeants and 50 lieutenants.

Chicago to add 970 new police positions over next 2 years

Johnson said that these new officers would result in an overall increase of sworn officer positions from around 12,500 to around 13,500. The superintendent also says they will continue to do outreach and offer another exam next year in an effort to have candidates represent the city's population.