Tech CEOS visit White House to talk modernizing government

Tech CEOS visit White House to talk modernizing government

One source who works with tech companies on policy issues stressed there continues to be issues like modernizing government where tech and Trump can find common ground even as they disagree on others. Monday's gathering was the most closely watched assemblage of tech luminaries since Trump met with industry chief executives at Trump Tower in NY in December.

Dems say they'll slow Senate work over secretive care bill

An exchange on the Senate floor late yesterday highlighted the tension. And I think what this is, Kelly, is Democrats responding to the pressure they're getting from progressive activists who frankly wanted them to be more aggressive all along and that they've anxious that while Republicans have been moving forward with their health care bill, everyone's attention has been focused elsewhere, namely the Russian Federation investigations.

Newt Gingrich has no shame, thinks everyone has forgotten the 90s

Yesterday, Trump himself confirmed that he is now under investigation for obstruction of justice for firing FBI director James Comey, after asking him to "lay off" the investigation into former adviser Michael Flynn's Russian ties . 'Turns out, even Dianne Feinstein, the ranking Democrat on the (Senate) intelligence committee, says there is zero evidence of collusion . So now the newest one is: Ah.

Phoenix heat wave forces American Airlines to cancel 20 flights

Phoenix heat wave forces American Airlines to cancel 20 flights

Officials warned of excessive heat across southern Arizona and Nevada, and throughout the California's Central Valley. The high in Phoenix will reach near or hit the 120-degree Fahrenheit mark on Tuesday and/or Wednesday. The state Department of Health Services says almost 2,000 people visit Arizona emergency rooms every year because of heat-related illnesses. The airline is letting Phoenix passengers flying during the peak heat Monday through Wednesday to change flights without a fee.

Latinos Vote! Joins the Resistance Efforts in Georgia 6th Special Election

The gunman, James T. Hodgkinson, volunteered for Vermont Sen. Perdue defended Trump as "a true populist", but acknowledged that even "some Republicans" are "turned off" by the president. Should Ossoff win, Republicans on the ballot in 2018 (or considering retirement) will get a jolt. The stakes, however, are just that high. The costliest USA congressional race in history will be decided on Tuesday in suburban Atlanta, where America's divisive political climate has been on display in an ...

Sean Spicer might be leaving White House podium

After yet another day when the White House refused to conduct its briefing on camera, or even allow audio of the briefing to be broadcast, CNN's Jim Acosta let it be known that he'd had enough. Daily Mail editor David Martosko was not interviewed, according to Bloomberg . The next day, Mr Spicer was absent from the briefing room podium, giving rise to more speculation about his job .