Second trial of ex-Cincinnati officer Tensing again ends in hung jury

The jury, which is composed of nine white members and three black members, was reportedly about evenly split when Judge Leslie Ghiz declared the mistrial. The jury had been deliberating for more than 27 hours. Also, in an extremely unusual moment, a lead investigator who testified for the prosecution offered an opinion that Tensing may have been justified.

Dean Heller Joins Republican Opposition to Senate Health Care Plan

They say the GOP plan would mean fewer people with coverage and higher costs for many . The plan would scale back aid to the poor and kill a tax on the wealthy. The 142-page bill proposed considerable cuts to Medicaid, a healthcare programme for low-income and disabled Americans, offered tax cuts to help people buy health insurance and gave states more power in shaping health-care regulations.

Democrats Search For Silver Lining After Narrowly Losing Georgia Election

Democrats Search For Silver Lining After Narrowly Losing Georgia Election

Filemon Vela of Texas, who supported Pelosi's bid to keep her leadership seat a year ago, told Politico . Bingo. Running mainly against Donald Trump didn't work for the Dems in 2016, and it's not working now. Trump's tweet came amid criticism from some Democrats that Pelosi is becoming a drag on the party. "I know it's easy to feel disappointed and defeated", Lujan said in a video message to Democrats.

High court denies Wisconsin family's argument in St. Croix River property case

Count that as a missed opportunity for the Court to brush back burdensome regulations that often amount to unconstitutional takings. The Murrs sued, alleging that the government had effectively taken the land without compensation. Chief Justice John Roberts issued a dissenting opinion that Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito joined. He also attacking the court's standard for determining the relevant parcel of land.

Toomey upbeat about Senate health care bill amid protests

But I also think you're going to see a lot of outside groups that are going to say , yes, they got it. He said the changes he is seeking to the bill would go in the opposite direction of those sought by other current "no" votes - conservative hard-liners including Texas Sen.

Military chiefs want 6-month hold on transgender enlistments

Military chiefs want 6-month hold on transgender enlistments

We're disappointed that a further delay is under consideration and urge Secretary Mattis to move forward expeditiously in implementing this recruitment policy which will strengthen our forces by allowing anyone who is qualified and willing to serve our nation".