White House Correspondents Unhappy With Limits on News Briefings

The ban on recording devices aside, reporters found the 30-minute session to be fruitless, with Spicer evading nearly every question, claiming he hadn't spoken to the president on many issues the reporters wanted to address. Press secretaries for both Democratic and Republican presidents have held on-camera briefings on a regular basis for the past quarter century. The move also mirrors the short-lived and controversial decision by the White House in March to break from the daily ...

New White House chief usher moves from Trump hotel

Hennessy's sketches aren't exclusive to CNN; other news outlets may also use them. The text on Thursday and Friday, however, read: "live coverage banned". "You know , if he can't come out and answer the questions and they're just not going to do this on-camera or on audio, why are we even having these briefings or these gaggles in the first place?" said CNN's Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta said Monday after another no-video, no-audio briefing.

Why Sanders may have won, even though Ossoff lost

Why Sanders may have won, even though Ossoff lost

And Ossoff's 48 percent is a higher mark than Democrats have managed in recent statewide races involving less of a GOP advantage than Atlanta's northern suburbs. and they are so impressive. That's the most important part". "If we had any Democrat support, you could have everything", he went on to say. "Now it's Nancy Pelosi ".

Senate health care bill includes deep cuts to Medicaid

For the past seven years, Republicans have worked to repeal the landmark health reforms of Mr Trump's Democratic predecessor Barack Obama . "The chaos the Republican Party is wrecking across our health care system won't just be felt in our insurance markets but in doctor's offices, ER's and clinics across the state of in", says Myers.

One killed as Storm Cindy makes landfall in southern US

Louis, Missouri, was vacationing with his family on the Alabama coast when he was hit by a log carried in on a large wave. Prior to reaching land, the storm brought heavy winds and rain to some Southern states on Wednesday , including Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

Protesters Arrested Outside McConnell's Office

Protesters Arrested Outside McConnell's Office

Protesters chanted "no cuts to Medicaid " as they gathered outside of McConnell's office. The protesters staged a "die-in" in front of the office, with numerous protesters in wheelchairs removing themselves from the chairs then lying down on the floor.