Cindy Now a Tropical Depression

Tropical Storm Cindy is now a tropical depression . A weak tornado or two is also possible, meteorologists said . But so far, Cindy's effects remain less damaging than initially feared. It's the rain that defines this storm. The swimmers entered the water even though Panama City Beach was flying double-red flags, warning of unsafe conditions and extremely rough surf.

Democratic Party more bankrupt than ever

With Jaffe addressing issues like single-payer healthcare and President Trump tweeting that he hopes the Democrats keep her, Pelosi's next primary competition could end up being her most challenging election yet. While Pelosi did prevail with more than double Ryan's vote share, she also lost almost a third of her caucus in the process. "I think I'm worth the trouble", Pelosi said at her weekly briefing with reporters on Thursday at the Capitol.

5th GOP Senator Publicly Opposes Health Care Bill

She said there's still a need for some sort of rule created to push healthy people to buy insurance, to replace Obamacare's individual mandate -which would be eliminated under the Senate proposal. The bill would let states get waivers to ignore some coverage requirements under Obama's law, such as specific health services insurers must now cover.

Charlie Dent 'concerned' by Senate health care bill

Charlie Dent 'concerned' by Senate health care bill

The House bill disregards the health care needs of low-income people. "The chaos the Republican Party is wrecking across our health care system won't just be felt in our insurance markets but in doctor's offices, ER's and clinics across the state of in", says Myers.

Suspected ballfield shooter belonged to anti-GOP groups

The five injured include two Capitol Police officers and the gunman, who was shot by police who responded to the scene, Alexandria Police Chief Michael Brown said. "He was, I guess, exhausted of some of the politics going on", said Walsh. Hodgkinson's Facebook page contained a number of anti-Trump statements and the Belleville News-Democrat reported that he belonged to several anti-Republican groups including a Facebook group called "Terminate the Republican Party".

Rep. Steve Scalise moved out of ICU

Rep. Steve Scalise moved out of ICU

Hodgkinson had expressed anti-Republican views online but Slater said , "There were no threats whatsoever". When they searched the unit, investigators found components for the SKS rifle, a receipt for the November 2016 gun purchase, and more than 200 rounds of ammunition.