Dallas police headquarters on security alert after threat

In Dallas , authorities received an anonymous threat Saturday, prompting police to tighten up security. WFAA reported that the lockdown went into effect just after 4 p.m. The city is on edge since a sniper opened fire on officers guiding a protest march two days ago, killing five officers. "Out of an abundance of caution, officers searched the garage to ensure reports of a suspicious person was thoroughly investigated", DPD tweeted .

Deluded Blair refuses to admit disaster of Iraq war

NZ First leader Winston Peters said the Chilcot report justified the decision not to go to war, and showed Key's "appalling" understanding of geopolitical events. Premeditated: It revealed he'd agreed to invade Iraq at least eight months before getting backing from the UK Parliament, when he told US President George W Bush "I will be with you, whatever".

Bill Shorten declares loss in Australian election

Australia's prime minister says his conservative coalition will remain in power for a second three-year term following the country's tight national election. Although Turnbull is expected to form a majority government, he is likely to be forced to depend on several independent members to get legislation through the lower house, raising questions about the long-term functioning of his government.

North Korea fires submarine-launched missile

North Korea fires submarine-launched missile

Regional military partners the United States , South Korea and Japan have been growing increasingly concerned about the advancing threat posed by North Korean missile technology. Gary Ross, a Pentagon spokesman. NATO military head US General Curtis Scaparrotti, who was previously head of US forces in South Korea , said North Korea's latest actions showed progress.

Australia's PM claims victory after national elections

The agency said Australia needs "more forceful fiscal policy decisions" to reign in debt and believes such tough measures could be postponed by the new Parliament. Following the counting of more than a million postal votes, the ruling coalition pulled marginally ahead in the total. "It looks like he [Turnbull] will cross the 76 seat threshold and, even if not, he has support from a couple of independents", said John Warhurst, emeritus professor of politics at Australian National University.

Chinese Navy Conducting South China Sea Drills

Chinese Navy Conducting South China Sea Drills

Bateman wrote in a recent article that the brinkmanship in the South China Sea is risky, and that "the countries that are taking China to the brink are extra-regional players with often overstated interests in the South China Sea ". The South China Sea is the main maritime link between the Pacific and Indian oceans, where over $5 trillion in ship-borne trade passes annually. While China and the Philippines remain divided over the South China Sea , Beijing has reacted strongly ...