Unusual bedfellows: BC's 3 party leaders must court each other

Unusual bedfellows: BC's 3 party leaders must court each other

Several of them attracted Premier Christy Clark's support, including a proposal to ban mandatory high heels for restaurant servers and legislation that requires post-secondary institutions to write and maintain policies to prevent sexual violence on campus.

Officially In Office, French President Macron Gets Down To Work

Both have also worked briefly in the private sector: Mr Philippe in a law firm and then as a lobbyist for state nuclear group Areva, while Mr Macron was once an investment banker. The German leader added that "we will do everything to develop good initiatives with the new president, Emmanuel Macron". Names circulating as potential ministers include TV personality and environmental activist Nicolas Hulot; Axelle Tessandier, who created a start-up in San Francisco before joining Mr Macron's ...

Ransomware cyber attack hits Bangladesh too, 30 cases reported so far

Unfortunately, the patch won't help computers that are already infected. If you are using an "obsolete" operating system like Windows XP, pay to convert to Windows 10. The attackers demanded money to unblock their computers. Europe bore the brunt of the initial attack which hit more than 75,000 victims over the weekend including the UK National Health Service (NHS), the Russian Government, the Spanish telecommunications sector, German Railways and US-based FedEx Corp.

Paying the WannaCry ransom will probably get you nothing. Here's why

The interior ministry, railways, banks and the Megafon mobile phone operator - Russia's second-largest - all found themselves battling demands for ransom. According to Microsoft, computers affected by the so-called "ransomware" did not have security patches for various Windows versions installed or were running Windows XP, which the company no longer supports.

Australia considering laptop ban on global flights

Australia considering laptop ban on global flights

John Coyne, a national security analyst with the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, explained that the US' laptop ban move was triggered from intelligence on a specific threat, but Australia appears to have no such risk at the moment. Transport Minister Darren Chester said Australia had a comprehensive and strong security system in place, with the safety of the travelling public a priority.

Sanders Mocks Trump's Praise of Australia's Universal Healthcare

The two leaders convened on a decommissioned aircraft carrier, the Intrepid, in NY, to mark the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea. NY was the scene of several huge demonstrations against Trump in the early days of the Republican's presidency.