Business and politics stoke record sales of Ivanka's brand

Who could forget White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway openly promoting the Ivanka Trump brand on TV, while the White House insignia and American flag flanked both sides of the picture? July 21, 2016: Donald Trump accepts Republican nomination for president.

Ossoff, Handel head to confressional runoff after 18 candidate scramble

Ossoff's bid for Congress might have seemed quixotic based on the district's history. The deciding ballot will be on June 20. With 88 percent of the vote counted, Ossoff , who was raised Jewish, was well ahead with 48.3 percent support, with the nearest Republican - former state secretary of state Karen Handel - at just 19.7 percent.

China says trademarks registered equally as Ivanka Trump gets more approved

This quickly became an obvious example of Team Trump's conflict-of-interest troubles, which Trump himself showed little interest in addressing. The White House later "counseled" Conway for inappropriately promoting the brand. BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY: Quietly removed Ivanka Trump products on its website in February but still carries them in its stores. The trade data resource company Panjiva Inc.

Jon Ossoff Comes This Close To Socking It To Trump

Jon Ossoff Comes This Close To Socking It To Trump

Tom Price was re-elected with almost 62% of the vote in 2016 before being named Trump's health and human services secretary. Ossoff , 30, ran as a pragmatic centrist in the district, which has been represented by a Republican since Newt Gingrich won it in 1978.

General Election: 50 Days to Show May the Door

Mrs May said that she wanted to secure the backing of the British people for her Brexit negotiations. She told the Sun newspaper "political game playing" risked hampering talks. But he added: "I can't countenance endorsing him for a role which I think even he, though he may say differently in front of the cameras, does not think he is fit to carry out".

Court acquits suspended French consular official of rape charge

Court acquits suspended French consular official of rape charge

His lawyers Clement Witt and Pierre-Olivier Sur told AFP it was the "end of a nightmare". "The allegations were the most heinous of a kind a father would face, so ultimately based on the material and the defense we have taken, the honourable court came to a right conclusion that the offences have not been proved and ordered the acquittal of Mr.