White House Reeling From New Bombshell Allegation

House Oversight Committee Chair Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, sent his own letter to the FBI's acting director asking him to turn over all records of communications between Comey and Trump, noting that reports about the communications "raise questions as to whether the President attempted to influence or impede the FBI's investigation".

SCOTUS declines to review discriminatory North Carolina voter ID law

A lower court had previously ruled this legislature targeted African Americans "with nearly surgical precision". Instead, it appears the decision might have stemmed from "the blizzard of filings " and confusion over who is authorized to seek a review of a lower court ruling.

Putin says he can prove Trump did not give secrets to Russian Federation

Putin says he can prove Trump did not give secrets to Russian Federation

The Senate Intelligence Committee has asked the White House for more information about reports that Trump gave intelligence information to the Russians, a spokeswoman for the panel said. The newspaper said Mr Comey was in the Oval Office that day with other national security officials for a terrorism threat briefing. When that ended, Mr Trump asked everyone to leave except Mr Comey, and he eventually turned the conversation to Mr Flynn.

Trump Defends 'Absolute Right' to Share 'Facts' With Russia

That official said the Obama administration also anxious that Trump advisers may have been making copies of classified information, but it's unclear whether the outgoing officials were able to verify those concerns. Putin said the anti-Russian sentiment in America is damaging the country and not allowing Trump to govern properly. "The security relationship between Israel & our greatest ally the United States, is deep, significant & unprecedented in volume", Lieberman wrote in English on his ...

US Tells Israeli Officials Western Wall is 'Not Your Territory'

US Tells Israeli Officials Western Wall is 'Not Your Territory'

The US official reportedly said Israel did not have jurisdiction in the area and that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was not welcome to accompany Trump there. CNN also reported that some of Trump's top advisers, by contrast, are urging him to deliver his campaign pledges. "It will advance the process because of the correction of the historic injustice and the smashing of the Palestinian fantasy of Jerusalem not being the capital of Israel", it said.

Trump asked ex-FBI chief to stop Flynn probe

The existence of the memo was first reported Tuesday by The New York Times , which said it was drafted after a February meeting in the Oval Office. Comey created several memos of encounters with Trump to ensure that a record would exist of conversations he found odd or troubling, according to the person.