UN Security Council threatens DPRK with new sanctions for missile tests

UN Security Council threatens DPRK with new sanctions for missile tests

Defense Minister Han Min-koo said at a meeting of the National Assembly's defense committee that the THAAD's radar in South Korea detected North Korea's launch on Sunday, citing confirmation from the U.S. "It is considered an IRBM (intermediate range ballistic missile) of enhanced caliber compared to Musudan missiles that have continually failed", he said, referring to a class of missile created to travel up to 1,860 to 2,485 miles.

Convicted soldier Chelsea Manning will stay on active duty

Her appeal, filed nearly exactly a year ago in the USA army court of criminal appeals, argued that her 35-year sentence was "perhaps the most unjust sentence in the history of the military justice system". Manning also told the Guardian she plans to fully enjoy her freedom: "I want that indescribable feeling of connection with people and nature again, without razor wire or a visitation booth".

Does Trump intel sharing risk damaging USA alliances?

Does Trump intel sharing risk damaging USA alliances?

Indications that allies are discussing the possibility of reconsidering their information-sharing relationships with the United States comes in the wake of Monday's bombshell Washington Post report , major details of which were confirmed by CNN , that Trump had shared with the Russians information provided by a foreign partner agency.

Warriors, Spurs will try to use break to rest and heal again

The game was the game. Well, maybe it's not that bad but fans are asking for his suspension claiming Zaza fulfilled his only objective on the team by intentionally injuring Kawhi Leonard for the Warriors' benefit and carrying them through to the NBA Finals.

Trump 'asked FBI boss to drop Flynn inquiry'

But the reports - both rebutted by Trump's team - add to a mounting perception of an administration in a perpetual state of chaos. According to sources, the request was documented in a memo written by Comey that quoted Trump as saying: "I hope you can let this go".

Funding questions hang over Labour's Bradford manifesto launch

McCluskey, the general secretary of Unite - the U.K.'s biggest trade union - said it would be "extraordinary" if Labour won and admitted part of the problem was the party leader's public image, which he blamed on "media bias". If Labour held 200 seats, the result would probably give May a working majority of more than 80 MPs, up from 17. Eric Shaw, University of Stirling: We should also bear in mind the drip drip effects of the Tory (Conservative) press on moulding readers' reception of ...