Amazon Holds Prime Day

In a comment on Twitter, Amazon said that "some customers are reporting difficulty with checkout". Prime Day kicked off in 10 countries across the world on Tuesday. Learning from last year's mistakes, Amazon is placing more "top quality" items on sale and broadening the day's global appeal. The sale is a part of Wal-Mart's broader strategy to strengthen its e-commerce business at a time when its online sales growth is slowing down.

Trump formally accepts Republican nomination, unleashes scathing attack on Hillary Clinton

Trump formally accepts Republican nomination, unleashes scathing attack on Hillary Clinton

Trump has long reveled in being the stereotypical loud-mouthed New Yorker. Ivanka not only made sure to remind viewers that she herself is a mother of three children (though "more fortunate than most"), but also promised that, if Donald becomes president, she will fight for working mothers right alongside him - perhaps knowing that she is likely one of her dad's biggest selling points.

Bernie Protests at the DNC: The Pictures You Need to See

The truth of the Democratic convention in Philadelphia is that Democrats are coming after Donald Trump. "No matter who the president is, that's going to make a difference", she said . Wikileaks posted emails suggesting the DNC was favoring Clinton over Sanders during the primary season. To be honest, no one should be surprised that Sanders partisans are still not on board with Clinton - least of all Bernie Sanders .

Clinton and Trump tied pre-convention

But many say they're more motivated by a desire to keep Trump out of the White House than by her vision for the country's future or by her bid to become the first woman to serve as president. Unlike the Republican convention in Cleveland last week where speakers lashed out at Hillary Clinton more than they praised Donald Trump and which was skipped by dozens of prominent Republicans, Democrats are hoping to show unity this week, according to Virginia Democratic Congressman Bobby Scott.

VIEWER GUIDE: Clinton hopes voters give her fresh look

Over the previous year, she has come under pressure from Sanders and his liberal supporters to embrace progressive policy priorities. Wasserman Schultz, who on Sunday announced that she would resign from her post over her part in the organization's email scandal, found herself unable to get through an address to a Florida delegates' breakfast without trouble .

Implications of Trump's Muslim travel ban

Implications of Trump's Muslim travel ban

Oh, you can't use the word 'Muslim.' Remember this. Remember this - and I'm okay with that, because I'm talking territory instead of Muslim - but just remember this: "Our Constitution is great, but it doesn't necessarily give us the right to commit suicide, okay?" Trump's anti-European statements come after the Republican nominee repeatedly praised Brexit, the vote by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, including in a press conference in the day after the referendum held at a ...