AP translates Fresno shooter's 'Allahu Akbar' to 'God is great'

All three victims in Tuesday's killings were white. He's been identified as Kori Ali Muhammad. The police chief said they were shot minutes apart in close proximity in areas around downtown. Later Tuesday, Pacific Gas & Electric confirmed that one of the victims was an employee who was sitting in the passenger seat of his work truck when Muhammad allegedly shot him.

Sharks Outlast Oilers in Game 1 OT Thriller

If the Sharks are to win this series, they'll need their depth players to outplay the Oilers' , limit Connor McDavid and Edmonton's transition opportunities, as they did in Game 1 . Pavelski lost control of it and chipped it to Mark Letestu, who found a streaking Kassian. ABOUT THE OILERS: Captain Connor McDavid notched an assist in the series opener after ending the regular season with a 14-game point streak - the longest in the National Hockey League in 2016-17.

United States to Enhance Military Presence in Asia Pacific - Vice President Pence

Now Vice-Foreign Minister Han Song-ryol says his country "will test missiles weekly" - issuing yet another threat of "all-out [nuclear] war" against the United States, as reported by BBC News . Privately, Japanese diplomats say Washington is trying to put pressure on the North, and on its main trade partner China, to end the missile launches .

Theresa May defends decision to hold snap general election

Now that lawmakers have approved the election, Parliament will be dissolved at midnight on May 2, 25 working days before election day. She will likely get it, since Labour has welcomed the early election. She showered the viewers with calling cries that a vote for the Conservatives is a vote for Brexit and will empower her to make the choices necessary to get the right deal for Britain in the upcoming negotiations.

There's 'unanimity' among ANC MPs on no confidence vote - Malema

There's 'unanimity' among ANC MPs on no confidence vote - Malema

The UDM may or may not persuade the Constitutional Court that it is within the power of the Speaker, or failing her, of the National Assembly itself, to direct that the vote on the motion of no-confidence be held in secret. Our courts have never shied away from deciding legal matters on the grounds of "political" implications and would surely not start doing so now". The ANC still secured the majority vote on both occasions.

Polar bear dies unexpectedly at SeaWorld San Diego

Polar bear dies unexpectedly at SeaWorld San Diego

San Diego reports that Szenja made headlines in March when tens of thousands of people signed a petition asking SeaWorld San Diego not to separate her from her "best friend", another female polar bear named Snowflake. SeaWorld said at the time that it was participating in a national program to increase the numbers of the threatened polar bear population, which scientists estimate to be between 22,000 and 31,000.