Ambush suspect a 'terrorist' who targeted police

Ambush suspect a 'terrorist' who targeted police

Bryon K. Dickson II, 38, of Dunmore, and severely wounded Trooper Alex T. Douglass, 34, of Olyphant. Bryon Dickson II was killed. Douglass was shot through both hips as he tried to rescue his mortally wounded comrade, the.308-caliber bullet leaving an exit wound the size of a silver dollar.

United Kingdom lawmakers on Wednesday expected to OK snap election

The main opposition Labour Party welcomed May's election call, meaning that it is nearly a foregone conclusion that May will obtain the two thirds support she needs in the House of Commons for the election to be held. The color blue is associated with the Conservative Party. He denied Labour and the Lib Dems have blocked her mandate to negotiate Britain's departure from the European Union and added: "There is no obstacle to the Government negotiating, but instead of getting on with the job ...

London commuters face chaos after fire closes Euston station

London commuters face chaos after fire closes Euston station

London Midland , Overground and Virgin Trains services have all been affected by the disruption. No trains are now able to run into or out of London Euston due to a fire next to the track near South Hampstead, two miles outside the terminus.

Corbyn welcomes snap election despite lowest polls in 34 years

Questions from the backbenches were all also strong, with evidence perhaps of some co-ordination - three MPs asked about school funding cuts, following on from Corbyn's jibes on the "failed" austerity policy, and Jenny Chapman criticises Tory plans to downgrade the hospital in her constituency.

Venezuela opposition leader banned from running for office for 15 years

Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles , center, is surrounded by opposition leaders and supporters after he finished his speech in Caracas, Venezuela, Friday, April, 7, 2017. Long seen as one of the more moderate voices in the opposition alliance, Capriles has taken a much more strident tone in recent weeks, joining the demonstrations and traveling overseas to met foreign leaders critical of the Maduro government.

Christians celebrate Easter with religious fervour

Alicia Burkart, of Geneva, has been regularly attending Trinity Presbyterian for nearly five years. He said the celebration of Easter brought hope, happiness to the oppressed humanity. What has his resurrection got to do with our becoming a new creation? Noonan used his own personal struggle with faith while in college to bring home the point, quipping that the loudest his mother ever yelled was when she came to visit him at school and he didn't know what time Mass at the university was ...