Country in Trouble- the Ransomware Attack to Become Worse!

The UK is one of the worst-affected countries to be hit by Wannacry, which also attacked Germany's rail network Deutsche Bahn, Spanish telecommunications operator Telefonica, US logistics giant FedEx and Russia's interior ministry. How did the attack spread worldwide? It has been described as spreading like the vomiting bug norovirus. The attacks are being blamed on a piece of malware called WCry, WannaCry or Wana Decryptor, alleged to have been stolen from the National Security Agency.

Cabinet clears proposal to build ten atomic reactors

Cabinet clears proposal to build ten atomic reactors

Out of India's 20 operational nuclear reactors, 18 use heavy water, which is water composed of hydrogen isotope deuterium. Building capacity for another 6,700 MW is in the pipeline. It underscores the mastery our nuclear scientists have attained over all aspects of indigenous PHWR technology. The heavy water coolant is kept under pressure, allowing it to be heated to higher temperatures without boiling, much as in a pressurized water reactor.

Trump keeps Comey battle alive by warning him not to talk

The Illinois Democrat says Trump has lost credibility, given his firing of FBI Director James Comey and a constantly shifting explanation for why it happened. He was responding to questions on his early morning tweets in which he had mooted the idea of doing away with the daily press conference, a decades old tradition at the White House.

Iranian vice president pulls out of election, backs Rouhani

According to the survey, more than 71% of voters intend to vote. He has swung his support behind Raisi, leaving the former prosecutor as the lone hardliner challenging Rouhani, saying he was doing so for the "preservation of the interests of the people, the revolution, and the country".

New US ambassador to Israel sworn in amid diplomatic row

Asked if Trump thinks the wall is part of Israel, he replied only: "That sounds like a policy decision". The diplomatic dust-up happened, according to Israel's Channel Two News, when USA representatives in Jerusalem turned down a request to have Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tag along with Trump, saying the president was making a "private" visit to Judaism's holiest sites.