Ossoff Comes In Short, Forcing Georgia Runoff Election

Ossoff Comes In Short, Forcing Georgia Runoff Election

With all due respect to Jon Ossoff, he's 30 years, old a former Hill staffer and a documentary filmmaker. Democrats believe they have a shot, based on Trumps underperformance and the early fundraising success of Jon Ossoff . If he gets under 50 percent, he'll face the top - presumably the second place victor will be the top Republican. Democrat Jon Ossoff has dropped below the majority vote he needs to avoid a runoff in Georgia's nationally watched special congressional election.

Spain urges Britain to calm down in row over Gibraltar

Spain urges Britain to calm down in row over Gibraltar

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, right, speaks with the United Kingdom permanent representative to the EU, Tim Barrow, during a meeting of EU foreign ministers at the EU Council building in Luxembourg on Monday, April, 2017. Critics have condemned the peer's comparison of the situation on the Rock to the Argentine invasion of the Falkland Islands, and ISC chairman Dominic Grieve said there was "no evidence" for Lord Howard's remarks.

Surveillance footage of police cars pursuing vehicle of Facebook murder suspect

Following a short pursuit, he shot himself as officers approached him. Police said in a 3:30 p.m. news conference that an autopsy of Stephens' body will occur Wednesday at the Erie County Coroner's Office. The two ended up mutually deciding to separate, Lane said, but remained friends. "This isn't just about finding a Pokemon in a one-block radius", Zuckerberg said.

Pence says still

Pence says still "a chance" diplomacy can stop North Korea

The brinkmanship stoking long-running tensions between China-backed North Korea and the US, South Korea and Japan has raised the spectre of nuclear strikes. It also claimed that it has weapons capable of attacking the mainland U.S. Officials and experts, however, claimed that no nation has mastered the necessary technology to follow through with the threat.

Trump orders overhaul of H-1B visas, Indian techies to be hit

KENOSHA, Wis. (AP) — Turning back to the economic populism that helped drive his election campaign, President Donald Trump signed an order Tuesday he said should help American workers whose jobs are threatened by skilled immigrants. At the headquarters of hand and power tool manufacturer Snap-on Inc., Trump signed an order that that asks the government to propose new rules and changes that will stop what he called abuses in a visa program used by US technology companies.

Pence Vows 'Overwhelming' US Response To North Korea

In response, the general staff of the North Korean armed forces threatened to launch a strike against United States military bases in Japan and South Korea, as well as the presidential residence in Seoul in case of USA aggression. "He's working on it", Trump said. But any strikes against the North would probably bring the U.S. into a diplomatic crisis with China , the North's main economic lifeline.