Trump Escalates Feud with Ousted FBI Director Comey

As with so many controversies before it, Trump's itchy Twitter finger has led to inevitable questions about whether he's actually being serious and whether he knows something we don't. He's viewed even senior advisers suspiciously, including Bannon and Priebus, when stories about internal White House drama land in the press. Regarding White House audio recordings of the January 27th Trump/Comey dinner.

The X Files of Turkey & US: The conflict is out there

A US -backed Syrian Kurdish force expects to push on and capture the Islamic State group's de facto capital of Raqqa in northern Syria this summer, a commander said Friday. Kurdish activist Mustafa Bali said the SDF are moving fast to reach the outskirts of Raqqa city, but that the battle for the city is likely to take time.

Dad tries to fathom why son allegedly decapitated his mother

Dad tries to fathom why son allegedly decapitated his mother

Once he was inside the store, Webb allegedly stabbed an employee who is expected to survive his wounds. Customers fled the Estacada Harvest Market Thriftway in Estacada, Oregon on Sunday morning and called police after Webb entered carrying the head, according to local press reports .

Donald Trump to Liberty University graduates

Trump", he declared. "Right here, the Class of 2017, dressed in cap and gown, graduating to a totally brilliant future; and here I am, standing before you as president of the United States. the future belongs to the people who follow their heart no matter what the critics say because they truly believe in their vision. He also said the USA could be better only when Christians put their faith into action, obviously indicating his oncoming pro-Christian plans.