Aus scraps visa programme popular with Indians: MEA examining 'consequences'

There are 95,000 workers on 457 visas at the moment - less than one per cent of the workforce. "We'll no longer allow 457 visas to be passports to jobs that could and should go to Australians", he said. PM Malcolm Turnbull says the visa change will attract better-skilled workers and see Australians employed over cheap foreign workers. "Our reforms will have a simple focus; Australian jobs and Australian values", Prime Minister Turnbull added.

Pence avoids direct answer on North Korea sabotage

Pence avoids direct answer on North Korea sabotage

It later emerged that the Navy strike group, led by the USS Carl Vinson, which was thought to be on its way was actually headed in the opposite direction. He visited South Korea earlier and will head to Indonesia after his stop in Japan. But Pence said forcefully responding to chemical attacks from President Bashar al-Assad's regime was the correct thing to do.

North Korea says 'don't mess with us' as United States plans next move

North Korea says 'don't mess with us' as United States plans next move

On Saturday North Korea carried out a missile launch which the Pentagon said failed, blowing up nearly immediately. Fears of military confrontation mounted last week after U.S. Top military and civilian Pentagon officials are "thinking through every course of action". In return, he said, the US will accept trade deficits with China.

Trip to McDonald's drive-thru leads police to Facebook slaying suspect

Those beliefs were confirmed Tuesday around 11:10 a.m., when Pennsylvania State Police spotted Stephens' auto and attempted to pull him over. Stephens had ordered a 20-piece McNuggets and a side of fries. "He said this (was) the last time I was going to see him", Green said. In another video, he said that he had killed multiple people, but police said there was only one known victim.

Oops - US carrier heading for Korea

The Pacific Command said on Tuesday the strike group will now proceed to the Western Pacific as ordered. "The aircraft carrier was sleep-walking", said another. But US officials clarified to CNN that the carrier group would be conducting some training with Australian forces and possibly Japanese forces prior to heading to the Korean peninsula.

White House 'encouraged' by China's recent response on N. Korea

Pence said on Monday the world had seen Trump's resolve in the past two weeks, with a U.S. missile attack on a Syrian airfield and the dropping of a powerful non-nuclear bomb on Islamic State fighters in Afghanistan. Tensions on the peninsula have ratcheted up in recent weeks amid saber-rattling from the United States and North Korea and analysts' warnings that North Korea is preparing for a sixth nuclear test.