Netanyahu pushes back against claim he asked Trump not to move embassy

It's the closest they have to praying at the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism. "The Kotel is 100% part of Israel and holy to Jews around [the] world", Greenblatt wrote on Twitter. President Trump faces pressure from one of his largest donors to deliver on his promise to move the USA embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem at the same time as he seeks to broker peace between the state and the Palestinians.

Dems: If Comey memo true, Trump obstructed justice

A former Justice Department official said that Comey's step in recording the details of the White House meeting was "not out of character", especially if he was concerned about the legality or moral issues. "The best way to get to the bottom of it is for him to testify". "But I suppose it's going to continue, so we'll have to get used to it". "This is on him", meaning Trump, a top Republican close to the White House said, after speaking with dejected advisers inside the West Wing.

While Comey memo could be key, any Trump prosecution tricky

Comey may have thought Trump's request was "inappropriate", which it was, but not intimidating enough to qualify as attempted obstruction, something worth memorializing in a memo but not so brazen that it needed to be reported immediately.

Will Labour end the benefits freeze? Corbyn says yes - and no

Union leader and Jeremy Corbyn supporter Len McCluskey said it would constitute a "successful campaign" if Labour win 200 seats at the general election, down from the 232 it now holds. Outlining its policy on the Daesh terrorist group, Labour underlined in its election manifesto that the Labour government "will take all lawful action necessary to counter and confront this evil, and we will advocate a long-term multinational political strategy, led by regional actors, to tackle the spread ...

AFC postpones Malaysia v North Korea tie in Pyongyang

AFC postpones Malaysia v North Korea tie in Pyongyang

North Korea says Sunday's launch was of a new type of "medium long-range" ballistic rocket that can carry a heavy nuclear warhead. Adm. Harry Harris Jr. "We don't have it done yet", Haley said. A North Korean diplomat, Ju Yong Choi, told the U.N. Conference on Disarmament in Geneva on Tuesday that North Korea would "bolster its self-defence capabilities as long as the United States continues its hostile policies.