Congress wants to 'hear from' Comey about bombshell report

The Washington Post has confirmed the existence of contemporaneous notes from February in which Comey wrote that Trump had asked him to close the investigation into Trump's former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, and instead focus more on leaks to reporters.

Theresa May campaigning after working-class voters

Theresa May campaigning after working-class voters "abandoned by Labour"

Mr Corbyn also said Labour was committed to the renewal of Trident nuclear missile system. The Tories have accused Mr Corbyn of being weak on national security. He said: " If elected Prime Minister, I will do everything necessary to protect the safety and security of our people and our country ". Despite his long record as an anti-war campaigner, the Labour leader says there are circumstances when military intervention is justified as a "genuine last resort".

Trump Creates Tempest With Tweet About 'Tapes'

Trump Creates Tempest With Tweet About 'Tapes'

Trump also discussed his dissatisfaction with the media and suggested for a second time that he might cancel the daily White House press briefings in favor of biweekly press conferences where he would answer questions himself. Yates first briefed McGahn about Flynn's Federal Bureau of Investigation interview the day before Comey's dinner with Trump, and McGahn briefed Trump that same day.

Labour manifesto commits to public spending and single market

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the party has a " radical and responsible " program " for the many, not the few ". They're talking about very, very large increases in taxes on companies which would likely reduce the amount of investment that they do.

Mixture of old and new faces in Macron's first government

Mixture of old and new faces in Macron's first government

French President Emmanuel Macron hit the ground running Monday on his first full day in office by naming a prime minister from the center-right and then flying to Germany, where he and Chancellor Angela Merkel pledged to work together to undertake European reforms.

Dems: If Comey memo true, Trump obstructed justice

A former Justice Department official said that Comey's step in recording the details of the White House meeting was "not out of character", especially if he was concerned about the legality or moral issues. "The best way to get to the bottom of it is for him to testify". "But I suppose it's going to continue, so we'll have to get used to it". "This is on him", meaning Trump, a top Republican close to the White House said, after speaking with dejected advisers inside the West Wing.