Former Trump security aide was Russia blackmail risk: ex

Spicer told reporters that the day after Yates' initial meeting with McGahn on January 26, the White House counsel asked her to return "to discuss certain issues that she had left unclear at the time". Why did Trump wait 18 days before removing his national security adviser after urgent advice that Flynn could be "blackmailed"? Is it really plausible that Trump hadn't talked to Flynn before posting that tweet? We know that one of the things this - President Trump has said is that ...

Australia's banks have 'target on their chests' in Federal Budget 2017

Mr Turnbull said it would have been impractical to have increased taxes on high-income earners only because of the amount of revenue needed. Investors were already wary of the banks and the news, combined with slightly soft trading update from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, deepened a sell-off that began on May 2 and has now sliced A$30 billion from the capitalisation of the banks.

Nikki Haley: US will 'tighten the screws' on North Korean nuclear program

Nikki Haley: US will 'tighten the screws' on North Korean nuclear program

His envoy for Russian Federation will leave next week. But Lee also said South Korean officials at Panmunjom have been "making phone calls on a daily basis to the North but the North has not responded". Spokesman Moon Sang Gyun said it's still unlikely that North Korea has re-entry technology, which would return a warhead safely back into the atmosphere.

Chicago supporters to honor freed Puerto Rico nationalist

Lopez Rivera was a member of the leftist group FALN that claimed responsibility for more than 100 bombings across New York, Chicago, Washington and Puerto Rico in the 1970s and early 1980s. On Monday night, the Spanish-language newspaper El Diario reported that Director of Public Relations of Goya Foods Rafael Toro had written a letter to the Puerto Rican Day Parade saying they had withdrawn their sponsorship because the company had been targeted by boycotts that opposed the parade's ...

Macron's French 'revolution' faces first test

Macron will also become the first President from outside the two traditional main parties since the modern republic's foundation in 1958. Regarding the legislative election in June, Le Pen pledged to "constitute a new political force", and called on "all patriots" to join her.