India committed to support of Palestinian cause, Modi tells its Prez

Abbas arrived with a delegation for his third state visit to India, where he will hold key talks on bilateral, regional and global issues, including the peace process in the restive Middle East, according to India's foreign ministry. On his part, Abbas expressed his appreciation for India's continued support and solidarity for the Palestinian cause on global forums. For the Palestinians, the right to return to homes they fled or were forced to leave is a prerequisite for any peace ...

Len McCluskey 'confident' that opinion polls will start to turn for Labour

A new tax band will undoubtedly play well to some of the electorate, but it has also already drawn attacks from the Tories as a classic "tax-and-spend" Labour approach. As Labour supporters booed a question from Channel 5′s Andy Bell on immigration, Corbyn admonished them, telling them he is a member of the UK's biggest journalists' union.

Fact Check: Does US Believe Western Wall Is in Israel?

The conversation took place late on Tuesday afternoon in Israel, Israeli media reported, citing unnamed senior officials. Trump appears to have spoken without Israel's consent, which would mark a severe violation of their intelligence-sharing agreement.

With Macron win, Euro market rally hits pause

With Macron win, Euro market rally hits pause

PARIS (AP) - French ex-Premier Manuel Valls suggested Tuesday that he wants to abandon France's Socialist party and run in June parliamentary elections under the banner of the president-elect's centrist political movement. "I will be the candidate of the presidential majority [at the election]..." Le Pen, by contrast, drew very disproportionately from those who were in the lowest occupational categories; 60 per cent of those who were "workers" and 54 per cent of those who were unemployed ...

Paul Ryan says he has not lost confidence in Trump

Paul Ryan says he has not lost confidence in Trump

Do you think Vladimir Putin should release the Russian transcript of the controversial meeting between Donald Trump and Sergey Lavrov? "We'll make the decision". Asked about the Tuesday reports about Comey, Ryan repeatedly said that Congress will continue to gather facts and keep at its existing investigations while going about its regular policy business.

Senate Intelligence Committee to The FBI: Give Us The Comey Memos

The Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election. "I do not believe in trial by newspaper article or investigations based on anonymous sources", Graham said in a statement. "Things will work out just fine". The president has long bristled at the notion that Russian Federation played any role in his November upset win but the Russian Federation issue has clouded his early months in office.