Steve Harvey's Ex-Wife Sues for $60M

Steve Harvey's Ex-Wife Sues for $60M

Steve Harvey has been sued by his ex-wife Mary for $60 million. It was finalized in 2005. Mary said she has been suicidal and has resorted to harmful forms of self-medication to handle the aftermath of their contentious divorce battle that according to Mary, left her with nothing.

Trump Knew Flynn Was Under Investigation Before Hiring Him — NY Times

Trump also boasted of what he saw as the "tremendous success" of his presidency. Several weeks after his inauguration, President Trump contacted James Comey, then the FBI director, and asked him when federal authorities planned on spreading the word that he was not personally under investigation, two people with knowledge of the call told The New York Times .

Senate panel chairman says Flynn has not responded to subpoena

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, who is leading his own Russian Federation investigation through the Senate Judiciary Committee, said, "Congress is now pretty much shut down when it comes to all things Flynn". Following the election, Flynn had reportedly discussed with Kislyak the potential of establishing a back channel communication between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin that would circumvent the US national security community, Reuters reports.

Measure Introduced In Calif. Legislature Calls For Trump's Impeachment

But Wednesday, Green transformed into a firebrand, the first member of Congress to call for the impeachment of President Donald Trump after Trump's dismissal of FBI Director James Comey amid his investigation of ties between the Trump campaign and Russian officials as well as subsequent reports that Trump had asked Comey to drop the investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn.