Police protest Black Lives Matter banner at city hall

When asked if the NFL should be doing more to speak out against national cultural problems dealing with violence and race, Sherman said he does, but noted that many players are more "compelled" to do so due to their personal backgrounds. "I don't want police officers just getting knocked off in the street who haven't done anything wrong". More than 200,000 Americans have taken the pledge to join the fight to end state sponsored violence against black people.

Obama consoles Merkel over violence in Germany

On Sunday, a 27-year-old Syrian man, who had been denied asylum in Germany , carried out a suicide bomb attack in Ansbach, which injured 15 people. "It mocks the helpers who took so much care of the refugees and it mocks the many other refugees who really seek help against violence and war".

Chaotic start to Democratic National Convention after email leak

As chair of the DNC, she is obligated to remain impartial among candidates. One email appears to reference the executive director of the state party, Kay Brown, saying that Kay has friends within the Sanders' organization who might be able to provide more information than what appeared on Facebook .

Sanders' campaign manager on DNC leaks

Sanders, and several held signs that said, simply, "emails". When Schultz , who is seeking re-election to her seat as a Florida representative tried to speak, some of the delegates at the meeting cheered for her, but they were quickly overwhelmed by jeering Sanders protesters.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz goes from favored to on the outs with Democrats

Sanders, who has repeatedly called on Schultz to step down, reiterated his call in an interview with CNN , saying he believed that the DNC was supporting Hillary Clinton and "at opposition to our campaign all along". Some say they're still hoping for some miraculous, mathematically improbable come-from-behind win at the convention. Former rivals Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders urgently joined forces Monday to tamp down dissent among his supporters, as Democrats tried to keep infighting ...

Man City players ordered off pizza in Guardiola fitness kick

Man City players ordered off pizza in Guardiola fitness kick

However, there's no real right-back, and Pep did try Clichy as a center-back in training. We are disappointed by what happened - we need to play games. Guardiola admits that City are a long way short of where he wants them to be with their vital Champions League play-off round looming next month. "Vincent is the captain, and when he's not playing, the players have to choose", he said.