Julian Assange: 'I can not forgive bad injustice'

The Metropolitan Police force says that there is a British warrant for Assange's arrest after he jumped bail in 2012, and it "is obliged to execute that warrant should he leave the embassy". Assange's Swedish lawyer declared the decision of the Swedish prosecutors to drop the rape charges as a "victory" for his client. The police also recognized that Assange is now "wanted for a much less serious offense" and said they would "provide a level of resourcing which is proportionate to that ...

Trump says appointment of special counsel 'hurts our country terribly'

Trump says appointment of special counsel 'hurts our country terribly'

President Trump is hosting a joint news conference with Colombian President Juan Manual Santos at the White House Thursday afternoon, the president's first press conference in a week of rapid-fire developments. "I think it divides the country, I think we have a very divided country because of that many other things". We're going to have a director who is going to be outstanding, ' Trump vowed.

Sen. Burr says Flynn hasn't responded to subpoena

The North Carolina senator later clarified his statement, leaving the question of whether Flynn would comply with the subpoena up in the air. Though Flynn has left the Trump administration, the controversy surrounding him has not subsided as newly announced special counsel Robert Mueller, Congress and the FBI investigate potential collusion between Trump campaign associates and the Russian government.

Russian Federation says latest US Syria strike hit civilians, was unacceptable

The U.S. -backed Maghaweer al-Thawra rebel faction said that the convoy had been about 27km (17 miles) away and contained four tanks. Russian Federation tried multiple times to contact the Syrian forces, the official said. But they said it was unclear whether that message had been delivered. They said in a statement that the Syrian forces " posed a threat " to USA and allied troops at Tanf base near the Syria-Iraq-Jordan border.

Led Coalition Strikes Pro-Syrian Government Forces

The U.S. -led coalition said the convoy that was attacked consisted of Syrian and Iranian-backed militias. "This brazen attack by the so-called worldwide coalition exposes the falseness of its claims to be fighting terrorism", it said.

Brexit minister David Davis says EU trying to bully Britain

Brexit minister David Davis says EU trying to bully Britain

Speaking briefly in English to say it would be delivered in French, he said with a smile: "Slowly but surely English is losing importance in Europe". May had said some European Union officials wanted negotiations over Britain's exit from the bloc to fail, accusing them of trying to influence the outcome of the parliamentary election on June 8.