'Single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history,' Trump claims

The White House initially cited Rosenstein's recommendation to explain Comey's ouster during an ongoing investigation into potential collusion between Trump's associates and Russian Federation. "Honor that decision, cooperate where it is appropriate, fight back where you have the legal ability to do so", Graham said. His advice to the president: "Stay disciplined, stay focused and deliver on the world stage".

Trump Considers Scaling Back Sean Spicer's Public Role

Trump Considers Scaling Back Sean Spicer's Public Role

A separate administration official said nothing within the realm of what is being reported has been discussed with communications staffers. Mr Spicer has had a rocky run with White House press corps and been the frequent target of satire on Saturday Night Live and on social media.

Mueller returns: Can he save Trump from himself?

But Mr Trump said the issue was dividing an already polarised nation. Flynn, Trump's fired national security adviser, is a key figure in the Trump-Russia investigation. President Donald Trump's own actions made the appointment of a special counsel all but inevitable. Why Mr Rosenstein felt compelled to write the memo remains unknown.

Donald Trump Jr. Causes Stir With Tweet On Comey Memo

Green's call comes amid allegations that Trump asked former FBI Director James Comey to terminate an investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn's Russian Federation contacts. Comey reportedly produced a series of memos detailing his various interactions with Trump. That seems unlikely in the heavily Republican-controlled chamber where the president's party holds 238 seats.

Video Shows Turkish President Erdogan Watching Brutal Fight Outside Embassy In Washington

We do not do this here. "There is no excuse for this thuggish behavior". The White House defended Trump's disclosure of classified information to senior Russian officials as "wholly appropriate ", as Trump tried to beat back criticism from fellow Republicans and calm global allies increasingly wary about sharing their secrets with the new president.

British election: Labour offers Brexit pledge on European Union nationals

British election: Labour offers Brexit pledge on European Union nationals

Since then party leaders have become more and more reluctant to participate. The party's most electorally successful leader has been critical of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership but has confirmed he will vote Labour on June 8. He said there was "no clearer signal" that Labour wanted to build a close and collaborative future relationship with Brussels. "What Labour will do is to scrap the Brexit white paper and draw up new negotiating objectives".