Trump tells Russians Comey was a 'nut job'

The newspaper cited unnamed sources familiar with the probe as saying a current top White House official has been identified as a "significant person of interest ", without disclosing the name of the person. Ric Spooner, a market strategist at CMC Markets, said: "While investors will be relieved that yesterday's selling looks unlikely to be repeated today, it's too early to assume yesterday was a one-day wonder".

Trump to call for unity in fight vs. radicalism

One thing that might help put Trump at ease is that his wife, Melania, is traveling with him for the entire trip. "The White House can't change the headlines that will follow wherever he goes". In an interview with CNN, Trump said that "Islam hates us". Prior to leaving Friday, Trump gave a show of confidence, tweeting that he will "be strongly protecting American interests" while overseas.

Sheriff in Detroit fights back against detaining immigrants

Sheriff in Detroit fights back against detaining immigrants

In a statement , California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said that taking immigration enforcement out of local police duties is essential in California, where fear of deportation is high among many of its 10 million immigrants. Other aspects of the bill seek to further criminalize immigrants who are in the USA illegally, including those who overstay temporary visas. "Federal law does not compel state and local governments and LEAs to participate in federal civil immigration functions".

Trump denies collusion with Russian Federation but says he 'speaks for himself'

The President also reiterated that he was not personally under investigation. Two days after Trump became president, Comey attended a ceremony that Trump hosted honoring law enforcement officials and tried to blend in with the curtains to avoid being noticed by the president, according to a report by The New York Times .

Donald Trump urged to shut down White House press room

According to The Hill , however, Trump's friends blame the staff. "We are dealing with a media that is, by and large, hostile to conservatives, hostile to Republicans, hostile to ideas of limited government, fiscal responsibility and constitutionalism, and certainly hostile to this president".