PM to embark on two-day visit to Saudia Arabia tomorrow

PM to embark on two-day visit to Saudia Arabia tomorrow

Saudi's royal family is offering an elaborate welcome to a new US president for whom they have great hopes of resetting a bilateral relationship that became increasingly strained during the Obama administration over its pursuit of a nuclear agreement with rival Iran.

Kushner family tells Chinese property investors: Welcome to America

While Nicole Kushner Meyer mentioned her brother and his connection to the new USA administration, Jared Kushner has, according to his lawyer, separated himself from the family business and divested his interests in accordance with the suggestions of the Office of Government Ethics.

End-game scenarios for the storm over president

Many advocates on both sides are too eager for a quick resolution of the investigation into Trump's campaign - Democrats to remove the president from office and Republicans to exonerate him. With nearly half of all Americans calling for Donald Trump to be impeached on this most recent poll, another new poll published on Wednesday taken by Morning Consult/POLITICO shows that just 42 percent of voters think Trump is doing a good job and approve of him compared with half of American voters who ...

White House doesn't dispute Trump called Comey a 'nut job' to Russians

It said one official had read quotations to the Times and another had confirmed the broad outlines of the discussion. His testimony in front of the House of Representative may raise more questions than it answers, though, because it seems to contradict what the White House and attorney general Jeff Sessions have already said on the subject.

United States will tighten screws on North Korea, says Haley

United States will tighten screws on North Korea, says Haley

In what both governments hoped was a major step forward, the two countries had agreed in 2015 to a deal created to end a row over Korean "comfort women" forced into sex slavery for Japanese soldiers during the World War II. Hong also told the news agency that Tillerson said many companies stood ready to invest in North Korea should Pyongyang make the right choices. US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, the first Indian-American to hold a cabinet rank, pledged that the US plans to "tighten the ...

Lib Dems want 5p cup tax and tough new obesity strategy

In a nod to their recently released paper outlining ways to bolster the creative industry, the Lib Dems say they will be "supporting modern and flexible patent, copyright and licensing rules". Led by Tim Farron ( pictured ), the party has also promised £100bn of additional infrastructure investment and the legalisation of cannabis, which it claimed would raise £1bn in tax.