USA signs arms deals with Saudi Arabia

To celebrate the visit of President Trump, the Saudi capital of Riyadh put up billboards featuring him and King Salman. The host of the event declared that Trump was being honored for "his quest to enhance security and stability in the region and around the world".

Putin to France's Macron: Let's 'overcome mutual mistrust'

Putin to France's Macron: Let's 'overcome mutual mistrust'

Mainstream parties on the left and right that were frozen out of Sunday's runoff in a first for modern France, also are regrouping, aiming to clip Macron's wings and impose their political agenda, via parliament, on his five-year term. Despite losing to Mr Macron - securing just around 33.9 per cent of the vote compared with his 66.1 per cent - Ms Le Pen did almost twice as well as her father did when he reached the second round of the election in 2002, though she fell short of the 40 per cent ...

India assures unwavering support to Palestinian cause

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who is now visiting India, met Tuesday with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Hyderabad House in New Delhi who assured him of India's "unwavering support" to the Palestinian cause. Importance of the visit: President Abbas visit is important because it comes ahead of Modi's first-ever visit to Israel scheduled in July 2017. This was once again reflected during Abbas-Modi talks.

Trump told Russians pressure off after firing 'nutjob' Comey

The reports came just as Trump flew to Saudi Arabia to kick off his first foreign trip as U.S. leader - highlighting how the controversy over his team's alleged links to Moscow is dogging his fledgling presidency. Lindsey Graham, who has served as the Republican senator for North Carolina since 2003, told reporters that during an all-senators briefing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had hinted that the probe over Russian Federation ties "may be a criminal investigation".

Afghan officials: 3 killed after gunmen storm bank

Gen. Toryalai Abdyani, the province's police chief, said five militants attacked the bank; first a suicide bomber carried out an attack, then four gunmen started shooting and were later killed by security forces. Six people were killed in the attack. On Twitter , Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani condemned the attack as "a cynical assault on Afghan people living their lives and doing business".

Rosenstein: Comey Routinely 'Usurped' the DOJ

Donald Trump called James Comey within weeks of his inauguration and asked when federal authorities would announce the President was not personally under investigation over links to Russian Federation, it has been claimed. Democratic lawmakers have claimed ever since Comey's firing that Rosenstein's memo was used as a mere pretext to can the director. Mr. Trump said as much in one televised interview, but the White House has offered changing justifications for the firing.