Danny DeVito urges United Kingdom to vote Jeremy Corbyn in the General Election

Speaking on the change of political understanding of transgender issues, he said: "I do feel we have crossed into a place of more political acceptance". Jeremy Corbyn has accused Conservatives of risking a "war between generations" with a manifesto that pitches young against old. Under the plans set out in the Conservative manifesto on Thursday, the party said it would not go ahead with the proposed £72,000 limit on care costs after which people would be entitled to state support.

Sunday shows preview: Trump overseas as Russian Federation probe heats up

CNN reported on Saturday that, according to a source, Comey believes that Trump tried to sway his judgment regarding the Russian Federation probe, however, even if this assertion came through in his testimony, it's not clear whether such influence would amount to obstruction of justice, as the burden of proof is quite high.

State Department Summons Turkish Ambassador After Bloody Brawl in DC

The calls came as the administration conceded it had released two members of Erdogan's detail after holding them briefly after the incident, which took place outside the Turkish ambassador's residence in the us capital on Tuesday. Two men were also arrested by D.C.'s Metropolitan Police Department on the scene - Jalal Kheirabaoi of Fairfax, VA, and Ayten Necmi of Woodside, NY, according to police reports.

Mueller Probe Reportedly Will Investigate Possible White House Cover-Up

He was insane, a real nut job", Mr. Trump told the Russians in the Oval Office on May 10, according to a document read to the The New York Times . He also reportedly said, "I faced great pressure because of Russian Federation". Trump has repeatedly denied any collusion between his campaign or administration and Russia's government. The person was said to be a White House adviser "close to the president", officials told the newspaper.

North Korea: US has to roll back 'hostile policy' before talks

North Korea: US has to roll back 'hostile policy' before talks

South Korea's new president Moon Jae-in campaigned on the idea of resuming diplomacy with the North, citing the "Sunshine Policy" as a model that he'd like to bring back. "If the UNSC does not call the USA to account for its aggressive and provocative large-scale joint military exercises and ICBM launches, the DPRK will never recognise any UNSC "resolution" taken over the DPRK's ballistic rocket launches but continue to disclose the absurdity of the United Nations "sanction resolutions", ...

President Trump welcomed at Riyadh airport reception

President Trump welcomed at Riyadh airport reception

President Donald Trump is stepping off Air Force One in Saudi Arabia to begin his first global trip since taking office. It says that it's "Great to be in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia " and says Trump is "Looking forward to the afternoon and evening ahead".