GOP health plan really about taxes

GOP health plan really about taxes

With the growing public awareness of the potential impact of a federal repeal of the Affordable Care Act, Fein feels there is a chance the bill could finally pass. House of Representatives on May 4. "We don't say you've met some arbitrary cap for the state of MA and now you're done", Warren said in March, as Politico reported .

Merkel's Christian Democrats beat rivals in German state election

The regional results are a fair indication of things to come in September's general election where Merkel would be seeking re-election for a fourth mandate. "I am convinced that for the past seven years, step by step, we have helped this state move forward", Kraft said in the state capital, Duesseldorf. It is home to 17.9 million people, almost a quarter of Germany's population.

Rouhani re-elected Iranian president comfortably

Rouhani, 68, faces the same limits on his power to transform Iran that prevented him from delivering social change in his first term, and that thwarted Khatami, who failed to deliver on a reform agenda as president from 1997-2005. Rouhani also pushed boundaries over the past fortnight with his veiled criticism of the country's conservative-dominated judiciary and security services, telling supporters: "We've entered this election to tell those practising violence and extremism that your era ...

Trump On Prosecutor For Russia Probe: 'It Hurts Our Country'

Fifty-three percent disapprove of Trump in the Morning Consult/Politico survey released Friday, and 41 percent approve. Comey was reluctant to attend, Wittes says, and tried his best to not have any personal conversation with Trump even when he did.

Iranian vice president pulls out of poll, backs Rouhani

While Raisi has vowed to respect the 2015 nuclear deal that Rouhani secured to end Iran's economic isolation, a government led by him would likely alarm global investors considering doing business in the Islamic Republic. has not demonstrated a good will regarding the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA aka nuclear deal). It would be better for Iran and the wider region if Rouhani won, if only because it would deprive hawks in Washington and Riyadh of a new excuse ...

Chinese military planes intercept U.S. aircraft

Hodge told the AP that "U.S. military aircraft routinely transit global airspace throughout the Pacific, including the East China Sea ". According to CNN , crew on the U.S. China denied US accusations that its jets conducted an unprofessional intercept of an American radiation-sniffing surveillance plane in the East China Sea and urged Washington to stop such activities.