Twitter leader laments social media role in Trump's election

Twitter leader laments social media role in Trump's election

The he, of course, being Donald Trump, who used Twitter flamboyantly to stoke his base of campaign supporters, and continues to tweet flamboyantly as USA president, frequently waging attacks on the "fake news" media, including the "failing" New York Times .

Donald Trump signs $110bn arms deal hours after landing in Saudi Arabia

The visit to the kingdom's capital kicked off Trump's first foreign trip as president, an ambitious, five-stop swing that will take him through the Middle East and into Europe. Then-first lady Laura Bush generally went without covering her head, though she once briefly donned a headscarf that she received as a gift. "We have enuf enemies", Trump tweeted at the time , including a short-hand spelling for "enough".

Rouhani, a man of the Islamic Revolution, opens Iran to West

In his first televised message after the victory, President Rouhani praised Iranians who, in his words, had said No to returning to the past. But with a Rouhani win, the landmark agreement lifting the majority of global sanctions against Iran in exchange for reeling in its nuclear program, should be protected.

Comey Will Testify before the Senate Intel Committee

Yesterday, Donald Trump claimed he was the victim of the greatest "witch hunt" in history after Robert Muller was appointed special prosecutor to oversee the Russian Federation investigation. Trump's May 9 decision of fire Comey has set off a series of events and fueled speculation surrounding the Russian Federation investigation. This could implicate Jared Kushner, as he's the only senior White House advisor now known to have had contact with Russian officials.

President Trump's Meeting With Saudi Leaders

Trump called the day "tremendous" and said it would result in "hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the United States and jobs, jobs, jobs". Saudi Arabia effectively blocked the United Nations from adding the kingdom's local ISIS cell to the U.N.'s list of terrorist groups a couple weeks ago.