Conservative Outlets Don't Seem Bothered by Trump "Bowing" to Saudi King

He later handed the US President Saudi Arabia's highest civilian honour, the King Abdulaziz medal. Speaking on the possibility of a meeting between Hasina and Trump in Riyadh, Foreign Minister AH Mahmood said, "Let's see". Moreover, the President expressed his strong support for Saudi Arabia's economic reform plans and promoted US companies as ideal partners for Saudi Arabia's economic transformation, as illustrated by the many deals signed by USA companies during the President's visit.

Trump's wife Melania keeps her head bare during Saudi Arabia visit

Trump drew the ire of Muslims during his presidential campaign by calling for a ban on them entering the United States. The White House also hopes the royal pageantry of the Saudi visit will detract from the continuing storm at home over Mr Trump's election campaign's contacts with the Kremlin.

Melania and Ivanka Trump Forego Headscarves in Saudi Arabia

Kushner, the husband of Trump's daughter, Ivanka, also a White House staffer, are part of the US delegation. The State Department said the agreement could support "tens of thousands of new jobs in the United States". A military brass band played, and a fighter jet flew overhead, highlighting the importance of the visit. Trump was honored for "efforts to strengthen the relationship between the two friendly countries" and "his quest to enhance security and peace in the region and the world".

Trump Gets Royal Saudi Treatment at Start of Foreign Trip

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson accompanied Trump and King Salman at the signing ceremony . Tremendous investments in the United States. He outlined "like-minded" goals in the security and economic spheres and said, "we're very proud of this relationship that we are embarking on with the kingdom".

Tillerson urges Rouhani to end ballistic missile tests

Tillerson urges Rouhani to end ballistic missile tests

Saudi-US trade topped $35bn previous year, but the two countries want to bolster their economic ties as part of creating new jobs for their citizens. He said 16 agreements with 11 companies would be signed, including memorandums of understanding for joint ventures.