Corbyn: I'll sue if I can't contest leadership

Corbyn won a huge mandate among Labour members in 2015, and nearly 130,000 more people have joined the party since the referendum on Britain's European Union membership, many of them thought also to be Corbyn supporters. Labour is bracing itself for a bitter leadership contest with Angela Eagle and Jeremy Corbyn due to set out their rival pitches for the job. Ms Eagle hit back at a jibe from shadow health secretary, Diane Abbott, claiming that her bid was akin to The Empire Strikes ...

Diane Abbott tests out Corbynite attack line for battle with Angela Eagle

Ms Eagle insisted she was not a Blairite or a Brownite as she declared: "I am my own woman". Taking a swipe at Mr Corbyn , Ms Eagle said: "A kinder politics must be a reality, not just a slogan". If the National Executive accepted this, and Mr Corbyn did not receive enough support in Westminster, he may be excluded from the leadership race before party members can cast a vote on his future, our correspondent added.

Pokemon Go Increases Nintendo Stocks Following Launch For Android and iOS

Some player said when they relaunch the app , they only have the option to sign up. The UK and global release of Pokemon Go is being delayed - because too many people want to play it. droidjack .server). For example, you are more likely to find water-type Pokemons near a water body. This game was announced back in 2015 for both the iOs and android based smart phones.

Blair should have focused on 'legal' Afghanistan, not Iraq

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair should have "abstained" from invading Iraq by "all means", focusing instead on "justified and legal" military action in Afghanistan, Scotland's former first minister Alex Salmond told RT. The official report into Britain's involvement in the 2003 Iraqi invasion led by the United States is highly critical of the decision by the UK government to get involved in the war.

Eagle Announces Labour Leadership Bid

But shadow education secretary Angela Rayner said Mr Corbyn had received a "significant" mandate less than 12 months ago to lead the party. "If you want to take part in that battle, join the Labour Party now". "We are going to have a leadership election with Jeremy on the ballot". Mr Smith has claimed Mr Corbyn and his allies were prepared to see the Labour Party split rather than stand down.