Melania Trump doesn't follow local custom

But escaping Washington for the gold-plated embrace of the Saudi royal family - a decor not so unlike Trump's own Manhattan home - appeared to give the president a boost. Also, U.S. business leaders at an economic forum taking place simultaneously in Saudi Arabia signed deals potentially worth more than $200 billion over the next 10 years.

GOP chairman: Trump's Comey tweet 'inappropriate'

Among those also expected on Saturday were acting Federal Bureau of Investigation director Andrew McCabe, Michael J Garcia, an associate judge on New York's highest court, and Senator John Cornyn of Texas, the number two Senate leader and a former state attorney general.

Iran's Hassan Rouhani sweeps to second term

He had campaigned as a reformist and challenged Iran's powerful security force, IRGC. They had thrown their support behind Raisi to safeguard their interests. But he did not congratulate President Rouhani. Rouhani's reinvention as an ardent reformist on the campaign trail helped stir the passion of young, urban voters yearning for change.

Pentagon: Syria airstrikes targeted Iran-backed convoy

The unnamed official's comments were carried by Syrian state TV a day after the strike. "The Coalition struck Syrian pro-regime forces advancing in a deconfliction zone near At Tanf posing a threat to United States partner forces", the US-led Coalition wrote in a tweet.

Labour's vote is actually increasing under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership

The Labour leader officially unveiled the party's plans if it is elected in Bradford on Tuesday - one week after a version of it was leaked to the press. People like me are always optimistic. things can happen. Labour also pledge to introduce a pay levy to sway companies from paying excessive salaries to staff.

United Nations vows sanctions on N. Korea

United Nations vows sanctions on N. Korea

Moon campaigned on a promise to engage North Korea, in contrast to Park, who was bent on cutting all ties to the reclusive regime. Pyongyang has stepped up its missile tests over the past year. A Republican senator warned Monday that North Korea's missile test over the weekend "appears to be one of its most advanced yet" and that the United States must put more pressure on China to address the issue.