Netanyahu reveals conversations with Trump regarding USA embassy transfer to Jerusalem

The official allegedly went on to say: "This is not your territory but rather part of the West Bank". According to Channel 2, the same official told members of Netanyahu's team that Trump's visit to the Western Wall was a private visit and also added: "No way, why is this your business?" Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked to join President Trump at the site during Trump's visit to Israel, but US officials preparing the president's trip rebuffed the request, according to ...

Rouhani looks set to secure second term in Iran

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who has secured a second term, praised the people's massive presence in the 12th presidential election held on Friday and said they are the true victor of the polls. That gave hope to his supporters, who during recent campaign rallies called for the release of two reformist leaders of the 2009 Green Movement who remain under house arrest.

Congressional panels pledge thorough probe into Comey firing

The revelation undercuts President Donald Trump's insistence that his campaign had nothing to do with the Kremlin. President Donald Trump told Russian diplomats last week his firing of "nut job" James Comey had eased the pressure on him, even as the FBI's Trump-Russia investigation had moved into the White House, according to reports that pursued the President as he began his maiden foreign trip.

More declarations of support expected as Fine Gael leadership

Under Fine Gael rules the parliamentary party commands 65 per cent of the votes, with councillors getting 10 per cent and the 21,000 members 25 per cent. or this time we can get it right". The contest will include four hustings in Dublin, Carlow, Ballinasloe and Cork over four nights from next Thursday.

Trump Speech to Muslims: 'We Are Not Here to Lecture'

And Trump's prepared address notably refrains from mentioning democracy and human rights - topics Arab leaders often view as US moralizing - in favor of the more limited goals of peace and stability. Trump says the two countries "have a wonderful relationship" but "there has been a little strain". Trump did not specify what tension he needed to resolve.

USA lawmaker calls for Trump impeachment

It's important to bear in mind that impeachment isn't purely a legal process, and it doesn't require a president to violate the criminal law; it is inevitably a highly political and sometimes partisan process, as Bill Clinton discovered during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.