Obama: Islamic State likely to continue to threaten US

He said the last two years of the US -led air and ground campaign have proved that the extremist group can be beaten in conventional military fights but that it has shown the ability to carry out damaging, small-scale attacks. He accused Russian Federation of failing to take the necessary steps to do that, though, adding that deteriorating conditions make it imperative for Russian Federation to show it is serious.

Four dead as Thailand hit by wave of bombings

He did not elaborate, but said that police were gathering evidence and that global militant groups were not believed to be behind the attacks. Foreign governments, including the United States, issued warnings urging travelers to avoid affected areas.

First Canadian case of Zika-related anomalies confirmed in a fetus

The discovery may be the first step in finding ways to prevent the birth defect, the researchers said. Swiger said it's important to remember the "Four Ds" as a first line of defense. Shield strollers or baby carriers with mosquito netting to protect infants. One of the men purportedly has co-workers who travel to Brazil frequently, where the Zika epidemic has been centered since previous year.

32 diplomats fail to return to Turkey following recall

32 diplomats fail to return to Turkey following recall

The Turkish PM Yildirim claimed previously that maintenance of friendly relations between Washington and Ankara depends on delivery of the Muslim preacher and leader of the Hizmet movement Gulen, who now resides in Pennsylvania. Turkey's justice minister dismissed the legal procedure as a mere process and said it was a matter of political will in Washington. In recent weeks, Turkish authorities have arrested or detained tens of thousands of academics, soldiers, judges and journalists, raising ...