Schooling wins Singapore's first gold

Schooling's win entitles him to receive 1 million Singaporean dollars, or about $743,000, from the government of Singapore for winning a gold medal. Also Friday, Michael Phelps, in what he insists was his final individual race as an Olympian, was beaten by a 21-year-old who grew up idolizing the most decorated athlete in Olympic history.

Cannes bans the burkini

Linard said other religious symbolism, such as the Jewish skullcap known as the kippah and the hair covering worn by some Muslim women, a hijab, would be permitted on Cannes' beaches. The prominent right-winger argued the burkini violates "good manners" and goes against France's ban on wearing religious attire in public. CCIF pointed out in its statement that Muslims made up a third of the 85 victims at the truck attack, saying that terrorism affects everyone regardless of religion.

Trump contro Obama:

Trump contro Obama: "E' il fondatore dell'Is"

E' stato comunque un 2015 con il segno meno: nel 2014 infatti la coppia aveva guadagnato ben 28 milioni di dollari. A introdurre Trump sul palco รจ stato a sorpresa il presidente del Republican National Committee , Reince Priebus, che in privato non ha nascosto la sua frustrazione per le azioni di Trump nelle ultime settimane.

Rio Olympics: Team GB Medal Tally Hits Four

Just a back three and a half somersaults with pike was to come, with the Britons again diving last, would know exactly what they had to do. Then I met him and thought, "This guy won't want to be with me unless I'm successful at what I do". After winning in Miami's World Sailing Cup in January and finishing second in the RS:X World Championships, Shaw is now ranked first in the world and the bookies' favourite to take the gold...

Obama: Islamic State likely to continue to threaten US

Obama: Islamic State likely to continue to threaten US

He said the last two years of the US -led air and ground campaign have proved that the extremist group can be beaten in conventional military fights but that it has shown the ability to carry out damaging, small-scale attacks. He accused Russian Federation of failing to take the necessary steps to do that, though, adding that deteriorating conditions make it imperative for Russian Federation to show it is serious.

Four dead as Thailand hit by wave of bombings

He did not elaborate, but said that police were gathering evidence and that global militant groups were not believed to be behind the attacks. Foreign governments, including the United States, issued warnings urging travelers to avoid affected areas.