Moon names top ministers, chief security advisor

Two finance ministry officials told Reuters his appointment would be well received in the ministry. He also faces risks related to North Korea, US trade protectionism and the prospect of further interest-rate increases by the Federal Reserve.

Mariners honor Chris Cornell with moment of silence

Cornell was found at the MGM Grand Detroit hotel by a family friend who had been asked by the rock star's wife to check on him. Detroit police spokesperson Michael Woody released details of Cornell's death, telling Billboard, "When the units arrived they were met by a gentleman who indicated that Chris Cornell had been found in his room".

Trump willing to try engagement with N.Korea, on conditions: Seoul

Trump willing to try engagement with N.Korea, on conditions: Seoul

That statement from North Korea's state media was a paraphrase of President Kim's celebratory remarks after his country launched a new type of "medium long-range" ballistic rocket that can carry a heavy nuclear warhead. "We want to look at the current sanctions in place, and we want to look at strengthening the sanctions. We will never tolerate such North Korean provocations and nuclear threats ".

READ: Rosenstein Explains Memo WH Initially Used To Justify Comey Firing

Comey's testimony certainly hints at that, at least as of May 3, he thought he could handle Trump. While 43% of voters said they felt the decision was "inappropriate", another 34% said they felt it was appropriate. Comey made it clear that he wouldn't tell the committee about his interactions with the White House. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who was part of the Trump campaign, recused himself from involvement after it became clear that he did not tell the entire truth during his ...

Backed Syrian militias say capture Tabqa from Islamic State

On April 27, Turkish warplanes struck YPG forces in Syria and also hit Kurdish forces in neighboring Iraq in what Ankara described as "terrorist havens". Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on the reverse its decision, saying weapons in the hands of the Kurdish-led forces are a "threat" to his country.

Bennett harming chances for embassy move

Bennett harming chances for embassy move

Like those that came before him, Trump's "current policy is opposition to building in the settlements, opposition to annexation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem , and support for Palestinian national aspirations", wrote Barak Ravid, diplomatic correspondent for Haaretz.