Trump wants more US-Israeli trade with narrower US deficit

Trump wants more US-Israeli trade with narrower US deficit

Trump meets later in the day with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu . In his speech attended by dozens of Arab and Muslim leaders, he toned down the harsh anti-Muslim rhetoric he had employed during the presidential campaign past year in favour of trying to gain cooperation against militants.

Rouhani says Iran's ballistic missile program will continue

Rouhani said that Iranians are "waiting for this government to become stable intellectually" and that "hopefully, things will settle we could pass more accurate judgments". Our missiles are for peace and for defence. The Iranian spokesmen urged the USA officials to stop, what he called, "rising tensions, intervention, Iranophebia, and selling weapons to the supporters of terrorism".

Dealmaker Trump seeks Israeli and Arab push for peace

Despite pledging during the campaign to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and move the United States embassy to the city, which both Israelis and Palestinians claim as their own, Trump last week backed off tentative plans to announce the bold move during Trump's visit to the city amid a wave of warnings from USA foreign policy officials and Arab diplomats.

S. Korea fires warning shots at object flown from N. Korea

Trump warned this month that a "major, major conflict" with North Korea was possible, and in a show of force, sent the Carl Vinson aircraft carrier strike group to Korean waters to conduct drills with South Korea and Japan. Only last week, North Korea fired a mid-range ballistic missile shortly after one of Kim Jong-Un's weapons successfully re-entered the earth's atmosphere.

Investigators Monitoring North Korea Sanctions Hit — UN Cyberattack

In a blog posting analysing the code behind the attack, Symantec claimed that there are strong links between the code used in the WannaCry attacks and malware tools used in attacks against Sony Pictures in 2014 and the $81m cyber-heist perpetrated against Bangladesh Bank previous year.

ELECTION 2017: Labour quizzed on costing of manifesto promises

ELECTION 2017: Labour quizzed on costing of manifesto promises

The statement follows Tuesday's remarks that a seat total of 200 - almost 30 fewer than the number won under Ed Miliband in 2015 - would be a "successful" result for Corbyn. People like me are always optimistic ... Mrs May, whose party is ahead in the polls, took aim at her Labour opponent in the Mail, saying Mr Corbyn was "simply not up to the job of leading Britain through the critical years ahead".