Manchester Terror Attack: What we know so far

LONDON -A number of false stories went viral and were reported by some of Britain's biggest newspapers in the moments following last night's attack on the Manchester Arena. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he had spoken to Prime Minister Theresa May and they had agreed that all national campaigning would be suspended until further notice.

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Youssef al-Masri, an electrician from the Aleppo countryside, said the speech had hit the right notes, but also left the room confused. It was delivered in a bling-encrusted hall to absolute rulers, hosted by a regime with an appalling human rights record, and it promised that the USA would no longer question the way they went about running their countries.

Medford High grad opening for Ariana Grande tweets support after explosion

Britons are due to go to the polls on June 8. Sources said they heard two loud bangs, reported to be in the foyer, after a pop concert by American Ariana Grande at the Manchester Arena . Youthful fans who were at U.S. pop star Ariana Grande's concert in Manchester and parents waiting for their children outside described scenes of panic after an explosion ripped through the foyer last night.

Theresa May refuses to admit u-turn on Tory social care plans

Theresa May refuses to admit u-turn on Tory social care plans

Labour , by contrast, would integrate social care with our health service, recognising that people who have contributed to our society all their lives should not be the victims of what Dilnot calls "the most pernicious means-test" in the country, but should have access to whatever care they need.

New York steps up security after deadly blast at Manchester concert

Manchester police said they were working closely with national authorities to determine the cause of the explosion. The Dangerous Woman Tour is the third concert tour by Grande. "There was just bodies scattered about was just chaos", Kiera Dawber said CNN. On Twitter, people offered a place to stay for those stranded in the city using the hashtag #RoomForManchester.