Russia bombers back home after using Iran base

Russia bombers back home after using Iran base

The long-range bombers took off early Tuesday near the Iranian city of Hamedan, 280 kilometres (175 miles) southwest of the Iranian capital, and struck targets in three provinces in northern and eastern Syria , the Russian Defence Ministry said.

Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump in Fla., N.C., Va., Colo.: Polls

The telephone poll was conducted August 4-10 and included 899 registered voters in Colorado. SurveyUSA conducted the poll for KSN TV in Wichita, which first reported the results Tuesday. Nationally, some polls now show Trump down double digits. Speaking on CNN, Kobach urged Trump to seize them. "I think he says things that if he does get elected, he's not going to get anything done".

Britain could win 'special status' but must get on with Brexit: Germany

British media reported at the weekend that London could delay triggering the procedure for exiting the European Union until later next year. He repeated that line when asked whether it would happen in 2017, and whether May might wait until after French and German elections next year to begin the process.

Trump's immigration plan raises many unanswered questions

Trump's immigration plan raises many unanswered questions

On the eve of the speech, the Clinton campaign slammed Trumps campaign manager for ties to Russian Federation and pro-Kremlin interests, an apparent reference to a New York Times story published Sunday night. He said, "My administration will aggressively pursue joint and coalition military operations to crush and destroy ISIS.International cooperation to cut off their funding, expanded intelligence sharing and cyberwarfare to disrupt and disable their propaganda and recruiting".

FVR pushes for return of fishing tradition in disputed water

Ramos says China has welcomed him to come to Beijing for discussions in the wake of July 12 global arbitration panel's ruling in favor of the Philippines over China's South China Sea maritime claims. The collision took place "in worldwide waters approximately 67 kilometers northwest of Uotsuri Island of the Senkaku Islands", according to Japan's MOFA.

44 companies accused of supporting Fethullah Gulen

Turkish police launched simultaneous operations on Tuesday against 44 companies in Istanbul over their suspected links to the July 15 failed coup attempt. "Death penalty is death for one time. This is through an objective and fair trial". Some 82,000 personnel from state institutions have been suspended or dismissed from their posts over the coup attempt.