Iran accuses U.S. of

Iran accuses U.S. of "Iranophobia", arming "dangerous terrorists"

Given Trump's opportunistic leadership style - what he calls "principled realism"- we can expect more contradictions between his rhetoric and his actions. On the eve of Mr Trump's visit, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's security cabinet approved several confidence-building measures, including construction permits for Palestinians near their cities in parts of the West Bank that had previously been off limits, a senior official said.

Trump in Bethlehem to meet Palestinian president

Trump reportedly shared sensitive intelligence with the Russians about the Islamic State, with speculation that the information shared came from Israeli intelligence sources. The US president was briefed about the significance of the site by Mordechai Eliav, the director-general of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation. "They are all saying I did, so you have another story wrong".

Manchester terror attack: What we know

Manchester terror attack: What we know

Both Premier League clubs posted short statements Tuesday on their twitter accounts, with United saying: "We are deeply shocked by last night's awful events at the Manchester Arena ". No, none of the identities of the people who were killed or wounded have been released. Police said they are now investigating whether it was a lone wolf-style attack or whether there are accomplices.

Trump dubs those responsible for Manchester attackn as 'evil losers'

Trump dubs those responsible for Manchester attackn as 'evil losers'

Trump has arrived in Israel in pursuit of what he calls 'the ultimate deal'. "In my meeting with my very good friend Benjamin, I can tell you also that he is reaching for peace". "But we need two willing parties", he said then. Instead, he appears keen to build confidence and assure Netanyahu and Abbas of wider Arab support in the region for peace moves, in the hope they might see fit to take steps and negotiate themselves.

Duterte declares martial rule in southern Philippines

His meetings with Russian Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev and Russian President Vladimir Putin have been cancelled. The emergency measures were announced by President Rodrigo Duterte as bloody gun battles continue in Marawi City. The police reported Tuesday afternoon that a group of bandits belonging to Maute, a loose armed criminal group with alleged links to the Islamic State , occupied a local hospital in the city.

Trump says former Federal Bureau of Investigation director Comey is a 'nut job'

As director of the FBI, Comey oversaw the investigation of potential links between Russian Federation and President Donald Trump's campaign. The memo focused on Comey's handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, particularly the FBI director's decision to divulge details to the public at various junctures during her presidential campaign against Trump .