Turkey to release 38000 from jail; frees space for plotters

Ankara has faced worldwide criticism that it has been using the coup attempt to crack down on opponents and jail dissidents. Further sackings were announced Wednesday - 2,360 police officers, 112 military personnel and 24 members of the coast guard, according to a decree in the official government gazette.

Haunting image of Syrian boy rescued from Aleppo rubble

Covered in dirt and debris, his feet bare, he wipes his face and looks at his palm, which is covered in blood. The world is staring back. More than 3oo, ooo Syrians are estimated to have been killed in the country's civil war . "Her ankle was pinned beneath the rubble", Mahmoud Raslan, the photojournalist who took the photo, told NBC. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights , a UK-based war monitor, said warplanes targeted the area, killing three people and injuring several others.

UN Syria envoy suspends aid task force amid ongoing fighting

Russian Federation last week declared daily three-hour ceasefires in Aleppo to allow the movement of humanitarian aid into the city, but the United Nations said it would not be enough to ensure that civilians' humanitarian needs are met. Escalating violence in what was Syria's most populous pre-war city and biggest commercial hub has caused Geneva peace talks overseen by De Mistura to break down.

Zehri slams Modi over Balochistan statement

Noting that terrorism rules the roost in the India-Pakistan bilateral talks, Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar yesterday said problem is that the terrorism issue has become so central that it makes the relationship hard to grow. "More than three decades later, displaying a similar attitude, military personnel were infiltrated across the Line of Control in Kargil in 1999". The filing of an FIR against a reputed global organization for holding a peaceful program on questions of justice must draw ...

Trump wants intense vetting for immigrants

On the diplomatic front, Trump made a specific pledge to work with any country willing to make a commitment to help defeat "radical Islamic terrorism", and criticized Obama and Clinton for their reluctance to use that term. The senior campaign official who previewed Trump's speech did not address Trump's initial description of the ban, but described the current proposal as one of withholding visas for individuals from any country "where we can not perform adequate screenings" and where there ...

Tourist boat, speedboat collision in Greece leaves 3 dead

Tourist boat, speedboat collision in Greece leaves 3 dead

The caller said there were about 53 people on board. Among the casualties were the captain of the tour boat, a 5-year-old girl and a man who has not been identified yet. Private vessels and a helicopter joined patrol boats in the search for further victims. Excursions run daily in waters between Aegina's port of Perdika and Moni , an unihabited islet with a popular sandy cove and wildlife, including deer and peacocks.