White House Lawyers Researching Impeachment

At least one White House source subsequently claimed that the CNN story was false. Flynn was a key adviser to Trump during his presidential campaign and resigned in February as White House National Security Adviser after misleading Vice President Mike Pence about contact he had with Russian officials.

White House says no evidence of Trump team collusion with Russians

White House says no evidence of Trump team collusion with Russians

Whether this is a separate act of obstruction of justice or an act of obstruction at all, I don't know. But the White House may not be able to hide behind "anonymous individuals" for long. When Sen. John McCain of Arizona, the committee's chairman, asked Coats about the story, the former Republican senator from IN did not deny the report but said he didn't want to characterize or comment any private conversations with the president.

Comey to Testify Again Before Congress

Separately, the New York Times reported that Trump boasted to Russian officials at a White House meeting last week that firing Comey relieved "great pressure" the president faced from a law-enforcement probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

'Israelis, Palestinian are ready for peace'

He did not way in Israeli settlements, the status of Jerusalem or even whether the US would continue to insist on a two-state solution giving the Palestinians sovereign territory. He became the first sitting USA president to visit the site in the east of the disputed city. Washington has never recognised Israeli sovereignty over parts of the Old City seized in the 1967 war.

Trump heads off to Bethlehem to meet Palestinian president

After hosting Abbas at the White House in March, Trump boldly stated that achieving peace is "something that I think is, frankly, maybe not as hard as people have thought over the years". US President Trump meets with Israel's President Rivlin. Donald Trump on Monday became the first sitting U.S. president to visit the Western Wall in the disputed city of Jerusalem , placing his hand on one of the most sacred sites in Judaism.

Philippine FM Starts Damage Control With China

But when he asked Duterte whether China has "power over" Kim, the Philippines president responded: "Yes, at the end of the day, the last card, the ace, has to be with China". Since taking office in June, Duterte has moved to hedge on the Philippines' long-standing defense alliance with the United States by establishing closer relations with China.